Recycled Yarn Web

We love recycling leftover craft supplies! So put those last bits of yarn to good use (variegated yarn looks especially cool).


  • Cut out any shape you like out of stiff cardboard (doesn’t need to be corrugated), simpler shapes work better 
  • Create small cuts all along the edge of your cardboard (the yarn will slot into these)
  • Secure one end of your yarn/thread with a small piece of tape
  • Begin to wrap your over yarn in a pattern or go wild! 
  • Once you’ve near the end of your yarn tying it off, at this point you can create a hanging loop for display

Note: for younger children pre-cut your shapes and slots

Tori uses this string art as a metaphor for the web of creation, but it could also be made into an Epiphany star, spider’s web, or Christmas ornament.

Use an old cereal box and leftover yarn to make this simple craft
Types of play/skills: creative, fine motor (scissor skills, wrapping, tying)
Jesus, Glue & Glitter