Ephemeral Art

Why not try your hand at some ephemeral art?

Ephemeral? Sounds hard…and certainly, you can see some work by amazing artists, but don’t be discouraged!

Ephermeral art just means art that doesn’t last (talk about creation friendly!), it’s meant to be enjoyed in the moment and then disappear. Think of sandcastles or rock balancing, for example.

Have fun with what you can find–rocks, leaves, twigs, sand. Make a cool pattern or picture, and if you really like it take a photo that will last.

Ephemeral art is great because it offers us an opportunity to talk with children and youth about temporality (eventually all this will pass away). It reminds us to take good care of creation, to be mindful of the footprint we leave behind, and frees us to live well today.

Types of play/skills: outdoor, observation, creative, organizing, fine motor
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