Liturgical Colour Hunt

Liturgical Colour Hunt

How often, when we change the hangings, table covers and other adornments, do we take the time to stop and notice it together? Well, one way to do this would be to hold a Colour Hunt!

This is something you can do all together during a service (think “I Spy”), you can create bingo cards or scavenger hunt cards for children to fill out during a service, or do a post-church activity where you get to run around the sanctuary together.

Even our smallest members can recognize colours so this activity is truly inclusive of everyone. It’s also a great opportunity to invite older members to talk with the kids about the different symbols or objects they find.

Lenten Symbols

For Lent 2022, Tori is cutting out purple Lenten symbols to place around the church for their Colour Hunt. They tell the story of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday which are featured in this year’s Narrative Lectionary.

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