Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday
How do we Speak of God?

At it’s heart Trinity Sunday is celebrating the many ways we talk about God. It calls our communities to look at God has Wisdom in the Hebrew Bible, as the Creating Spirit overing over the waters, as Jesus The-Word-Made-Flesh, as the Abiding Spirit gifted to us.

In the United Church, especially, we encourage our families to find the language of their hearts–the words that best describe for themselves just who God is!

A wonderful resource for this Sunday is Jim Cotter’s paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer found in Voices United. Cotter used names like “Earth-maker, Pain Bearer, Life-Giver” to speak of God.

Rachel Held Evan’s book “What is God Like” is also a wonderful resource that uses child-friendly illustrations to bring to life Biblical images of God. (We especially love the blanket fort for God as refuge!)

So, how do you speak of God?

Does your church have a common language you use? Is there a name for God you’ve been exploring recently in Eastertide or at Pentecost?

The united Church of Christ in the USA uses the name “The Still-Speaking God” which Tori finds profoundly appealling.

By sharing the names and images we use for God we can open up our own experience of who God is. By sharing with one another we have the chance to glimpse a new part of this undefinable God who lives beyond our imagination.

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Want more ideas?

A significant part of celebrating God’s family is the inclusion of ALL of God’s children. Check-out our PRIDE page for more ideas on welcome and inclusion.

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