Baptism & Communion


Whether it’s an infant or adult baptism, celebrating Jesus’ baptism, or at confirmation, remembering our baptismal vows is a big deal.

A vow is a promise to try. When we make baptismal vows we’re saying that we are going to try and live our lives faithfully. God knows, and we know, we won’t get everything right. But, lucky for us, we worship a God of love and forgiveness. She wants to see us try our best, and helps us when we make mistakes.


Whenever people of faith gather to break bread together, remembering the last meal Jesus shared with his loved ones before his arrest, trial and execution, communion takes place.

We are called to take and eat, to remember the story of Jesus, and the gospel he shared. More than anything, people learn about communion by doing or sharing in it. But, for those who want to take some time to explore this sacrament with their families, here are some suggestions for you.

A great way to explore a sacrament is with symbols. 

Communion has bread, cups, juice or wine, as well as familiar words, tastes and smells.

Baptism has water, a dove, fount/basin, shell, candle, as well as familiar words.

Your faith community will have their own version of these symbols.

Sacrament printables

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