Journey with Christ for 40 days

Our theme for 2022 was “Rest, Pray, Share” a new take on an old tradition! Lent was traditionally the time new believers prepared for their Easter baptism, so developing their understanding of Christian story and life was a big part of Lent. One way that believers prepared themselves was through study and spiritual disciplines.

An accessible way of talking about spiritual disicplines (or practices) with your family or faith community is by talking about heart habits! Heart habits are activities we do to take care of our hearts, they are the ways we embody our faith (learn it by heart, if you will).

Check-out a little bit more about our theme and how we can connect it to hear habits below.

Rest is all about spending time with your Beloved, God! Rest doesn’t mean simply “not working” or “not being in school”, rest is about finding comfort and energy in time spent with God. Lent is a wonderful time to talk about the idea of Sabbath with our families. God asked us to set aside time to rest and be with her.
What are some ways we can “rest” together throughout Lent?

Pray is when we talk with God. No matter what kind of relationship we might be in (parent-child, sibling-sibling, teacher-student) communication is an important part of a healthy and happy connection. But, there are so many different ways to talk to God! Just like all the languages we have, from English to Mandarin, and American Sign Language, there are endless ways we can speak to God and hear God speak to us.

What are some ways you could speak to God this Lent?

What are some ways you could listen?

During Lent it is tradition to be even more generous than you might be the rest of the year. We’re invited to share with others the things that we have in our lives. This is for two reasons: 1) God wants us to take care of others, and 2) God wants us to remember that our faith is the most important thing we have.

What are some ways you could share with others this Lent?

Jesus, Glue & Glitter