Recycled Weaving

We love a resurrection story, and what better way to talk about new life than by creating a communal art piece out of found materiasls?

Tori used recycled garden fencing, branches and fabric/ribbons to create a communal weaving for an Eastertide service. The text was about Tabitha’s resurrection in Acts 9:36-43. Tabitha was a weaver so this is the perfect activity for that story!

But it goes even further. Because Tori was able to reuse the felt bandages the children had wrapped Lazarus in during Lent, and ribbons used in Pentecost decorations the following year. Connecting Lazarus’ resurrection by Jesus to Tabitha’s resurrection by Paul is the perfect callback!

Besides, all church storage rooms have a plethora of ribbons and fabric deserving new life, don’t they?

Jesus, Glue & Glitter