Unwrapping Lazarus

In John 11:1–45 Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead and invites the whole community to unbind his burial clothes.

A fun way to engage smaller children in this story is to provide bandages (real or simple strips of cloth) to wrap and unwrap a doll. This is also a wonderful time to talk about the ways different cultures care for their loved ones when they die.

It also sets the stage for showing how Jesus’ resurrection is different in the Gospel of John, as he appears unbound and clothed in front of Mary Magdalene (John 20:11-18)!

This sensory activity can introduce a conversation with older children about the things in our lives that tie us up and keep us from experiencing “life abundant”. They may even want to take turns wrapping each other up!

Long strips of felt are great because the fabric likes to stick to itself
This activity was so popular at Tori's church it was left out for the following Sunday!
Types of play/skills: sensory, role-playing
Jesus, Glue & Glitter