Peace Candles

This is one of those simple crafts that I was surprised by how engaged our children were with it.

For the theme of Peace the second week of Advent, each child was given a small LED candle (with replaceable batteries are great for longevity) to decorate. Decorations included stickers, ribbons, pieces of coloured paper and gluesticks. You could also include squares of tissue paper and glitter glue.

We talked about what it means to find peace, and how we can use our peace candles to help us focus when we feel chaotic. It’s really a lesson in emotional regulation, showing folks of all ages how we can use a tool like a candle to calm themselves when they’re feeling anxious, angry or sad.

Children were invited to turn their candles on and focus on light. You can encourage them to practice deep breathing while they look at it, or simply use it as a reminder that they are loved.

We also passed out simple print-out prayers to our families.

Fun fact, many became beloved nightlights kids took to bed with them! Tori’s own toddler is insistent she sleep with her candle lit.

Jesus, Glue & Glitter