Gaudete Sunday Cookie Decorating

Gaudete Sunday Cookie Decorating

There is possibly no great joy for little people in this world than cookies! So, why not celebrate JOY Sunday with these lunchables style cookie decorating boxes? You can risk decorating in the pews, during Sunday School or send them home with families.

Include in a take-out container (we used compostable paper) a few sugar cookies baked by a volunteer, a small condiment container of pink frosting with a popsicle stick for spreading, and pink sprinkles. Consider including a single serve hand wipe if you’re doing it at church!

Gaudete Sunday feels extra special with its liturgical colour (pink) so let’s enjoy it!

*Note: Tori didn’t get a chance to take photos of the decorated cookies because they were eaten almost immediately!

Jesus, Glue & Glitter