Felt Advent Wreath

This simple banner-style felt board is made up of 1 sheet of black glitter felt, a 12 in dowel, string, and all the elements needed for your Advent wreath cut out in felt!

We chose an oval-shaped green donut for our wreath with purple and pink candles done up in a cylinder shape, with yellow flames on top. Note that I did not include a white Christ candle but you certainly can.

This is a great family activity or something church members could put together to give out to families. You can choose to use whatever coloured candles are part of your faith community’s traditions! Be it blue and pink, all white or even red.

Consider sharing with those participating, whether in your home or at church, the significance of the Advent wreath. We spend four weeks preparing ourselves for the arrival of the Christ Child on Christmas Day. If you have some fabric paint on hand or some fabric markers you can add the words HOPE, PEACE, JOY and LOVE to each candle.

Tori’s church sold these at a Christmas market and gave one to each family for Advent.

Jesus, Glue & Glitter