Family Tree

This family tree is inspired by the Apostle Paul who tells us that through Jesus we are all children of Abraham! (Galatians 3:7)


Tori and her toddler created a family tree poster with a large sheet of paper, markers & crayons, a glue stick and paper leaves. (We highly recommend using a paper cutter for the leaves OR folding your paper so you can cut out multiple leaves at once.

At church you can add individual names to your leaves or nestle family photos on the branches. Tori is bringing her polaroid camera to church so that even those who forgot to bring a photo can be added in!

If you’re using the Galatians verse as your basis you can consider writing “Abraham & Sarah” on the base of the tree. However, be sensitive to how we include or exclude the Jewish people when doing this! With older children perhaps you could show a divergent tree with two trunks, showing how the two faith traditions have a common root. Islam could also be included in this showing a tree with three trunks.

Our tree poster sans photos
Jesus, Glue & Glitter