DIY Finger Labyrinths

Do-It-Yourself Finger Labyrinth

It’s amazing to think that labyrinths have been used for over 4,000 years by human beings as a spiritual or meditative practice! Perhaps you’ve come across a walking labyrinth before, or tried using a finger labyrinth in your own spiritual practice. Even cooler, we see them being used in non-religious settings by early childhood educators because of how they build fine motor skills and have calming effect on kids!

So, why not make your own finger labyrinth to trace!? 

Make a simple paper labyrinth by printing off one of our templates. Try laminating it for durability.


Make a labyrinth using thick yarn and glue! There are lots of tutorials on how to do this. Some are more complicated, using air-dry clay to make the design. Or it can be as simple as glueing thick yarn to a piece of wood in a spiral. Why not try modpodging a template to some wood or cardboard and having kids trace the lines with white or hot glue, then paint!

Draw your own labyrinth! For older children and adults there’s a cool math to labrynth drawing that might appeal. Craftwhack has one of the best tutorials to follow.

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