Generosity Jars

Generosity Jars

How do we invite children to participate in the generosity Jesus calls us to? One way is by creating generosity jars! Think of them like a reverse piggy bank.

First, talk with your children about how Jesus calls us to give to others, share stories like the Rich Young Ruler (Mark 10:17–31, Matthew 19:16–30,  and Luke 18:18–30) or the Widow’s Mite (Mark 12:41–44, Luke 21:1–4).

Get them excited about giving to others by identifying organizations or projects that do the kind of ministery/service they would also be passionate about.

Brainstorm ways they could contribute to their jars, small jobs they could do for pay or a percent of their spending money or gift money they’d like to contribute to the jar.

Create a Generosity Jar by decorating a mason jar or old tin with a homemade label, stickers, ribbon or whatever else strikes your fancy!

Generosity jar label (4×6 in)

Coin slot lids for mason jars

Using the machine cutter at our local library (a Silhouette Cameo) I created cardstock lids with coin slots big enough to fit our largest coin (a twoonie). 

Feel free to make your own or use my design file! They are meant to be printed on a 12x12in piece of cardstock (think scrapbooking size) and make 9 lids per page.

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