This one starts off cheesy, but wait for it!

Sunflowers are incredible plants. They turn their petals in the direction of the sun to soak up all that good nutrition they get from sunshine.

We should be like the sunflower, turning our gaze towards God, soaking up all the good food she has for us!

“Have only one desire throughout your life: to be, and to become, what God wants you to be, in nature, in grace, and in glory, for time and eternity.”
– J.P. Medaille, SJ, Maxim of Perfection 10:6”

Our desire, or attention, is meant to be focused on God!

But, even more amazingly, did you know sunflowers can also clean soil contaminated with some toxins! Just like how God works through her people to do good things on the Earth. Blessing creation through her people.


May we be sunflowers

turning our faces

to soak up your light;

drawing what hurts

up from the soil

and returning goodness.


Pass out sunflower seed packets with a copy of the prayer provided.