Pronoun Pins

Have you ever wondered what gender God is?

When Tori was in seminary she had a young boy tell her during the service that “God is a boy…and a girl!”

And, well, isn’t that right!?

In the Hebrew Bible especially we see plural, female and male pronouns used for God. It’s even a part of how many people imagine the Trinity: God who is beyond gender, Jesus who is a man, and the feminine Spirit.

A great activity for all-ages (children, youth and adults) is to create pronoun pins. This can be accompanied by a discussion on God’s pronouns.

What’s a pronoun? you ask. A pronoun is a word we use in place of a name, or noun.

Traditional Pronouns:

Making pronoun pins can be both a fun activity but also a way to make your space more inclusive. For folks who are often misgendered (i.e. people use the wrong pronouns for them or wrongly assume their gender) it can be reassuring seeing others making a point of sharing pronouns. This normalizes the practice of asking about and using people’s pronouns, and also can help make introductions less awkward. In a nutshell, it doesn’t single one person out of the crowd!

Plus, making buttons, if you can get your hands on a machine (check-out local libraries and student unions) it’s really fun to do. Tori has even hosted open events for the community where folks can come and make a pin as part of Pride celebrations.

Make this part of your hospitality practice, pair it with a Trinity Sunday service or a Pride celebration.