Prayer Journals for All-Ages

Prayer Journals for All-Ages

Perhaps you have a stuffy view of what a prayer journal should look like. But we’re here to tell you no one gets to decide what a prayer journal is!

Think of it as a way to create messages to God. These can be written, drawn, glued-in… there are endless ways to talk to God and endless ways to make a prayer journal.

You can cutout pictures you find inspiring to glue into your journal, copy out favourite quotes or bible verses, or draw your prayers to God.

A page out of Tori's prayer journal, she likes to doodle whatever comes to mind--the key is to suspend any judgement and let your mind go where the Spirit leads it!

Invite folks to pray with their crayons and pencils! Doodle prayers are an excellent way to engage our creative energies in prayer.

Looking for ideas to get started? Check-out Praying in Color for free templates and guides.

Many folks who journal enjoy using prompts. This can always be a great way to talk about why and how we pray. Try some of these simple prompts to get started…

Pray without words using some medatative colouring. There are some wonderful colouring pages available through Illustrated Ministry that use the psalms or themes for liturgical seasons as their inspiration.