Play Dough Stations

Inspired by the Uniting Churches of Australia’s themes for Creation Time Year C, here are some ideas for a rotating play dough station for all four weeks of Creation Time.

  1. Ocean Week
  2. Fauna (Plants) Week
  3. Storm (Weather) Week
  4. Cosmos Week


For Ocean Week pair some blue play dough with small toy fish and aquarium plants. For a more natural feel find some sea shells and pieces of coral to make cool imprints. Blue, clear and aqua glass gems can also add some sparkle!


Celebrate all things green and living during Fauna Week with green or brown play dough (or kinetic sand!). Use fake leaves and flowers for imprinting if you want to avoid the mess of the real thing. But pinecones and twigs can be really fun if you don’t mind debris. Small toy bugs can round out your play.


Grey play dough doesn’t tend to be a thing, so for Storm Week try some blue play dough with white pompoms or rocks for clouds. A large yellow bead can act as the sun, and blue or clear glass gems can stand in for raindrops. If you’re feeling snazzy create some carsick lightening bolts!


You KNOW it was coming! For Cosmos Week use blue or purple play dough (or both!) and some glitter to create a galaxy. Large and medium wooden beads make great planets and an astronaut figurine can add some adventuring spirit to the mix.


  1. Give each child their own tub of play dough with their name on it.
  2. Invite kids to bring along a favourite toy that matches the theme they can add to their play dough creation (like an astronaut act figure).
  3. You can add a laminated mat (or use a plastic sleeve) to add to your activity for older children with a design they can fill in.
  4. If you have them rubber stamps can also be a fantastic addition to a play dough station, especially when they match your theme.
Jesus, Glue & Glitter