Palm Sunday Snack

Sometimes we enjoy playing with our food! Here are some ideas to share the Palm Sunday Story with children using edible treats.

Create the road to Jerusalem using a ribbon-like treat. Try a fruit leather road and build a city out of waffer crackers! Or, sweeter candies that come in ribbon-lengths like Fruit Roll-ups also work. Perhaps you could line the road with grape people (we used blue berries)! We always love an animal cracker donkey. Sprinkles could be the 

Some advice

Tell the stories to the children as you handout each part of the snack. Tell the story of the City of Jerusalem and the road leading to it. Talk about the crowds gathered. The story of the donkey.

Don’t worry about whether kids “eat as they go”! It’s about participating in the story together.

Types of play/skills: creative, dramatic
Jesus, Glue & Glitter