Let’s Go Fishing

Tori’s step-mom made these cute little felt fish for her granddaughter. A simple pattern, some embroidery threat and stuffing brings a story alive and Tori finds herself using them at church to tell the story of the feeding of the crowds, the risen Christ baking fish for breakfast, and (of course!) fishing for people!

A blanket stitch is a simple stitch most anyone can learn to do. Children and youth love learning handicraft skills and many of our churches have older members who are delighted to pass them on!

For younger kids, pre-cut the felt shapes, while older children may enjoy tracing the pattern and cutting out the fabric themselves.

Tori’s toddler (not quite 3) enjoys “needling”, so even if the end result is a mess she gets to participate by using a dull craft needle and thread which can be pushed in and out of the felt.

For those who feel like fancy stitching is beyond them you can also decorate your fish with fabric paint.

Types of play/skills: creative, fine motor (cutting, sewing)
Jesus, Glue & Glitter