Lenten Calendar

marking the days of lent together

Looking to mark the days of Lent? Well, you have lots of options! Here’s a few we like.

Doodle calendars

Praying in Color has a wonderful collection of printable calendar you can colour in! It includes a whole variety of styles so you’re sure to find something that suits your theme for the year.

perpetual calendar

Tori's toddler shows us where we're headed, towards the Empty Tomb!

We’ve made a perpetual Lenten calendar that helps families count down from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Sunday. It includes a reminder to stop and rest on Sabbath days (Sundays) as part of our 2022 “Rest, Pray, Share” Lenten theme.

diy your own

For older children and youth, especially, printing off copies of calendar pages and decorating them are one way to explore the journey of Lent together.

Think of it like a prayer journal activity where you can bring out all your favourite art supplies and decorate each week.

try a reverse advent calendar for lent

Some folks have a donation box they add to each day for advent. Why not try something similar this Lent?

For each day, or week, add a quarter to a jar or a food item for the food bank. This could be one of the ways you express the “Share” part of our  theme for 2022 (Rest, Pray, Share).

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