Jar Lid Sun-catchers

This activity is wonderful for Pentecost, or the story of the Jar of Perfume (Matthew 26, Mark 14, and John 12)!

You will need: jar rings, paper, markers, vegetable oil, white glue, string and glass suction cups.

Stage One

Have children colour-in circles the size of a mason jar mouth with markers. You can easily trace an overturned mason jar on paper to get the correct size.

Or, measure the size of the rings you’ll be using and print off circular templates with designs in them (see below).

After the kids are done with their designs get them to dab vegetable oil on the paper. The oil will make the paper semi-transparent! They need time to dry so this activity needs to be done in two stages.

Stage Two

If you haven’t already cut out the circle, do so now. Then add a white glue along the inside lip of your ring. The paper can then be gently placed inside the ring and pressed into the glue. Allow to dry completely.

To hang-up our sun-catchers, we opted to tie twine around the outside of the lid. Looping tightly around and adding a knot we then did the same to a second ring, which stacked them one on top of the other. Leaving a five inch tail we tied a knot at the end and put on our window by hanging it on a suction cup.

For the story of the Anointing consider adding an essential oil to your veggie oil to perfume the sun-catcher.

Design templates

These templates are for a 2.7 inch jar mouth

Jesus, Glue & Glitter