Feather Beading

Tori got this idea from an OT from theottoolbox.com! It’s a simple but creative activity to explore themes like Pentecost and Pride. (And, for years when Pride Sunday falls ON Pentecost, well that’s just a bonus!)

Feathers are a wonderful symbol of the Holy Spirit. They remind us of the dove and the flame. Use this beading activity when you read Acts 2:1-4 or John 1:32 (Jesus’ Baptism). Considering using festive red, orange and yellow colours for Pentecost.

For Pride we love all the many colours feathers can come in. We think of all the diversity of birds with their many colours, and how we see that same diversity in the human family. This would be a fun activity to pair with a photo slide show or sharing your favourite kind of colour feathered creature.

Longer feathers tend to work better than shorter ones. Provide a wide selection of beads with larger holes for small children to easily thread with the stiff feather's shaft.
Jesus, Glue & Glitter