DIY Story Cards

Have you ever seen or used story cards? These are very simple to make and can be used as a kind of game!

Tori made the cards pictured to help tell the creation story, but story cards can be used for anything from Christmas to Easter, for parables or even to tell our own stories.

Although it’s fun to make story cards as the leader we can also invite families to make their own. Or, for older kids, print off blank comic book pages and get them to story board your bible passage that way.

By getting children to imagine the story, à la Ingnatius, it becomes their own. And, who knows, they might grow up to be fantastic biblical storytellers!

Some ideas for you

  • Use card stock and a hole-punch to put story cards on a binder ring for safe-keeping
  • Use self-sealing lamination sleeves for business cards to make durable story cards (as pictured)
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