Calm Corner

make your calm corner, make space for prayer

One great way to encourage folks of all ages to practice Heart Habits (i.e. spiritual disciplines) is by creating a space to do just that! What is a church build, if not a space we set up to practice our faith in. So, let’s talk about some ways we can do that in our homes.

To make a calming prayerful space put things like a pillow, blanket, and or chair in a quiet corner of your house. Add some different items to help you, your kids, or visitors, find calm. Add some prayer cards, a feelings chart, worry stone, finger labrynth, candle (maybe LED for the little ones…), fidget toys, journals or sketchbooks.

Churches with prayer shawl ministries may want to consider distributing shawls as part of this activity!

This basket contains a prayer shawl, glitter bottle, art supplies for journaling, bible, bubble popper and LED candle