Bring your own elements

Make your own juice

Nope, not kidding, make your own juice! We don’t really think about how many grapes and how much effort, water and energy go into making our juice. It’s just, well, there!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where grapes grow or have a community member with some vines, why not make an afternoon activity of it! How many grapes will it take for you to make communion wine for your service? Forget the Welch’s, I bet everyone will be extra appreciative of your homemade stuff.

bake something new

Did you know that all around the world communion looks a little different? Faithful people all over reflect their own culture in this sacred meal by using the starch that represents “their daily bread”.

For example, Tori has had the chance to celebrate communion in South Korea with a soft gelatinous rice cake! What kinds of breads, grain or rices do you eat regularly in your household?

As an activity, bake some bread or other starch using a recipe from a tradition other than your own! You could arrange for a recipe swap with families in your community.

Jesus, Glue & Glitter