Book Recommendations: Pentecost

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible features a fantastic Pentecost story with engaging comic-style graphics. Starting on page 206, the story shares how Jesus leaves the Holy Spirit with his followers. Think Acts 1-2!

The Frolic Preschool bible ends with a story entitled “The Holy Spirit” (pg. 86). This two-page story uses sound-words to help bring the drama of Acts 2 to life! And, as always, each of these short stories ends with a simple prasyer.

We’re always fans of the Spark Story Bible. The retelling of Acts 2 on page 502 focuses heavily on the many languages spoken by the disciples and is the perfect story for those who want to emphasis the global nature of the church and Spirit.

“This is the Church” is the perfect shows the Church in all its diversity. We appreciate that it shows not just folks of different genders, ages and races, but also those with disabilities. It explores what makes the church THE CHURCH (spoiler alert: it’s the people)! It also lifts up the beauty of churches from big to small, from house churches to forest churches.

Jesus, Glue & Glitter