A Prayerful Collage

A prayer collage is a wonderful way to engage those who might not see themselves as “artistic” and can be an especially fun activity for children, youth and adults to do collaboratively! Flipping through magazines, old books, flyers and newspapers, pick out images that connect to your theme. That includes images that make you smile AND ones that make your frown! (If it evokes a big feeling it’s worth cutting out.)

For Easter you could choose the theme of “new life”, or theme it on the resurrection appearances with “walking with Jesus”, or “I have seen the LORD”.

For little ones this can be a fun scissor-skill activity, and we all know kids love glue sticks! Add in some pre-made text and stickers and you’re good to go.

This is also a great opportunity to have folks walk through a bible story together, getting different individuals/groups to story board parts of the passage.

Remember, it’s not about making something beautiful, it’s about getting creative, and spending time with God and one another.

Floral sunburst, Tori Mullin 2022
Tori's floral sunburst collage tells the story of the power of books and stories to give us life and joy.
Jesus, Glue & Glitter